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Dos Mundos - Two Worlds
Exposition Musea Gallery Peón Contreras, Merida, Mexico.
29-10 till 27-11, 2010
Support by Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In preparation for this exhibition I went to Mexico (2009)
I kept two conferences, where the plans for the exhibition
are presented, including an explanation of my work, the
theme of the exhibition, and the techniques I use. Additionally, I started my research into the Mayan culture,
the traditions and their integration at this time. I used,
inter alia, through photography, heard the stories and
observed the customs and rituals of the contemporary Maya.
The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 today attracts
worldwide attention. This creates a confusing picture in
which legends of past and present are playing a role.
Is the future a new culture, and what shapes and stories
may all think? This I have studied and incorporated into
my Art. The models for this project are Maya people I've photographed
in Yucatán, Merida. (A total of 20 artworks in the sizes between 2.00 m x 2.00 m)